Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drive-By Faith

Riding along in my sister's car last weekend I noticed a large banner posted on the grounds outside a local church - Presbyterian, I think, though I'm not 100% sure. The banner read : "Christian Lite!" with a flame as the dot over the 'i' in 'Lite'.

Now, intellectually I know that the Lite is the flame of faith and the Holy Spirit, and that the banner was intended to invite non-parishioners or non-believers into the fold. And yes, I was just drivng by in the car and so didn't have the opportunity to read the small print beneath the triumphant title on the banner. But I have to say that to the drive-by observer it looked less like a banner proclaiming the fire of faith and more like an advertisement for an easy sort of religion, a low-cal, low-effort version of the real thing.

And really, when you use the standard beer spelling (LITE) rather than the actual word you mean (LIGHT) - what else can you expect?

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Colleen said...

"standard beer spelling"- SNORT!